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Annoying Orange Dane Boedigheimer
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YouTube personality, filmmaker, actor, voice actor, and comedian
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Annoying Orange Youtube channel statistics

Annoying Orange
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$ 11K - $ 66.1K
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26.02.2024 Mon +6,339,018 $ 2.38K - $ 14.3K
23.02.2024 Fri +11,046,406 $ 4.14K - $ 24.9K
14.02.2024 Wed +4,214,834 $ 1.58K - $ 9.48K
10.02.2024 Sat +3,926,873 $ 1.47K - $ 8.84K
05.02.2024 Mon +3,864,854 $ 1.45K - $ 8.7K
01.02.2024 Thu +4,530,325 $ 1.7K - $ 10.2K
27.01.2024 Sat +6,185,996 $ 2.32K - $ 13.9K
22.01.2024 Mon +8,096,863 $ 3.04K - $ 18.2K
13.01.2024 Sat +9,504,605 $ 3.56K - $ 21.4K
31.12.2023 Sun +4,322,253 $ 1.62K - $ 9.73K
26.12.2023 Tue +3,448,918 $ 1.29K - $ 7.76K
22.12.2023 Fri +4,477,624 $ 1.68K - $ 10.1K
17.12.2023 Sun +4,902,832 $ 1.84K - $ 11K
12.12.2023 Tue +4,449,966 $ 1.67K - $ 10K

Annoying Orange biography

Annoying Orange is a popular YouTube channel created in 2009 by American filmmaker and comedian, Dane Boedigheimer. The channel features talking orange who annoys other fruits, vegetables, and various objects. It became an almost instant hit and now boasts over six million subscribers worldwide. Boedigheimer's inspiration for the character was a mixed reaction to a talking apple toy that he found in a thrift store. The series also includes characters such as Pear, Passion, Grapefruit, and many others who all have their own unique personalities and quirks. Apart from YouTube content, Annoying Orange also has its merchandise line that includes toys, clothing, and accessories, among other things. The success of the show has also led to the creation of a TV series, a video game, and even an emoji app.

Annoying Orange controversies

Although Annoying Orange has gained immense popularity, it has also received backlash for what some people consider to be inappropriate content. The show has been accused of being violent and encouraging dangerous behavior among children. Some viewers have expressed concerns that children were attempting to recreate situations they saw on the show by throwing food at each other or using kitchen utensils as weapons. Moreover, the show has also been criticized for its use of language that is not suitable for children. The inclusion of profanity and rude humor is considered by some to be inappropriate for the target audience of the show. Despite these controversies, Annoying Orange continues to be a popular channel and has maintained its massive following.

Annoying Orange famous quotes

Hey apple!
Marshmallow's singing voice is like an angel!
I'll have the lasagna.
Happy birthday! Can I put candles in your nose?
Yo duuuuuude!
I just ate a pear, and I liked it!
Hey, Grapefruit, have a yam!
The name's Orange, annoying orange!
It's just a game, bro!

Annoying Orange partner

Dane Boedigheimer, the creator of Annoying Orange, is married to Gwen Conley. They met in college and dated for several years before tying the knot in 2006. They have two children together and currently reside in California.

Name Gwen (Gwendolyn Conley)
occupation Unknown
Country United States