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bateson87 Oliver Eaton Bateson
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Professional FIFA Player, Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, Content Creator
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bateson87 net worth

$ 227K - $ 1.36M *

bateson87 income

$ 3.18K
last 7 days
Estimated earnings
$ 13.6K
last 30 days
$ 7.34K
last 90 days

Bateson87's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. He earns most of his income from his Twitch and YouTube channels, where he gets sponsorship deals, advertising fees, and donations from his followers. He also sells merchandise on his website, which adds to his revenue. Bateson87 is considered to be one of the most successful FIFA players and content creators globally, and his net worth is likely to increase in the future.

*Notice: this net worth is estimated based on revenue from YouTube advertisements only. This value does not take into consideration other sources of income.

bateson87 estimated earnings by months

MonthEstimated earnings
July 2023$ 7.34K
June 2023$ 1.65K
May 2023$ 2.99K
April 2023$ 3.48K
March 2023$ 2.74K
February 2023$ 3.58K
January 2023$ 3.62K
December 2022$ 2.16K
November 2022$ 1.97K
October 2022$ 4.02K
September 2022$ 2.73K
August 2022$ 5.9K
July 2022$ 4.06K
June 2022$ 1.63K
May 2022$ 878
April 2022$ 584
March 2022$ 890
February 2022$ 509
December 2021$ 722
November 2021$ 1.69K
October 2021$ 1.65K

bateson87 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bateson87 known for?

Bateson87 is known for being a professional FIFA player, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and content creator.

What are some of the controversies Bateson87 has faced?

Bateson87 has faced controversies related to coin selling, using a racial slur during a stream, and promoting FIFA Ultimate Team, which some consider to be a form of gambling.

What is Bateson87's most famous quote?

Football is my life. It's my passion.

How does Bateson87 earn money?

Bateson87 earns money from his Twitch and YouTube channels, sponsorship deals, advertising fees, donations, merchandise sales, and other sources.

What is Bateson87's advice for aspiring YouTubers and Twitch streamers?

Bateson87 advises aspiring YouTubers and Twitch streamers to be consistent, authentic, and engaging with their content. He also emphasizes the importance of networking and collaborating with fellow content creators.

What is Bateson87's favorite FIFA game?

Bateson87's favorite FIFA game is FIFA 12, which he considers to be the best game in the series.

Why is Bateson87 popular?

Bateson87 is popular for his entertaining and engaging content, his skills as a FIFA player, and his engaging personality.