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BonJoviVEVO Jon Bon Jovi
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Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor
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$ 10.5K - $ 63.1K
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13.06.2024 Thu +7,416,780 $ 2.78K - $ 16.7K
08.06.2024 Sat +3,889,641 $ 1.46K - $ 8.75K
05.06.2024 Wed +2,652,953 $ 994 - $ 5.97K
03.06.2024 Mon +7,192,408 $ 2.7K - $ 16.2K
29.05.2024 Wed +6,894,702 $ 2.59K - $ 15.5K
24.05.2024 Fri +6,737,205 $ 2.53K - $ 15.2K
19.05.2024 Sun +6,652,193 $ 2.49K - $ 15K
14.05.2024 Tue +13,921,469 $ 5.22K - $ 31.3K
04.05.2024 Sat +6,901,179 $ 2.59K - $ 15.5K
29.04.2024 Mon +5,930,867 $ 2.22K - $ 13.3K
25.04.2024 Thu +5,405,703 $ 2.03K - $ 12.2K
21.04.2024 Sun +5,059,542 $ 1.9K - $ 11.4K
17.04.2024 Wed +5,291,595 $ 1.98K - $ 11.9K
13.04.2024 Sat +5,323,633 $ 2K - $ 12K

BonJoviVEVO biography

BonJoviVEVO is the official YouTube channel dedicated to the music of Jon Bon Jovi, a renowned American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. With a career spanning several decades, Bon Jovi has achieved worldwide fame and success, becoming one of the most iconic figures in rock music. The channel features an extensive collection of music videos, live performances, interviews, and other content related to Bon Jovi's impressive discography. As the lead vocalist and founder of the rock band Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi has contributed immensely to the music industry. His soulful voice, energetic performances, and heartfelt lyrics have resonated with millions of fans around the globe. The channel provides a platform for fans to explore and relive the powerful music that Bon Jovi has created over the years. Join BonJoviVEVO and experience the unparalleled talent and charisma of Jon Bon Jovi through a wide range of captivating videos and performances.

BonJoviVEVO controversies

BonJoviVEVO has maintained a positive reputation throughout its existence, with no significant controversies associated with the channel. The focus remains on promoting Jon Bon Jovi's music and connecting with his dedicated fanbase. The channel's commitment to delivering high-quality content and showcasing the artistry of Bon Jovi has garnered widespread admiration and appreciation from fans and music enthusiasts alike.

BonJoviVEVO famous quotes

Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.
When you can't do what you do, you do what you can.
It's my life, it's now or never.
I'll sleep when I'm dead.
I believe in love, but it don't believe in me.
You're beautiful, but you're empty.
Miracles happen every day.
We're halfway there, living on a prayer.
Who says you can't go home?
Every time I close my eyes, I wake up feeling so horny.

BonJoviVEVO partner

Dorothea Hurley, born Dorothea Bongiovi, is the wife of Jon Bon Jovi. They met in high school and have been together since then, sharing a strong and enduring relationship. Dorothea has been a constant source of support for Jon Bon Jovi throughout his career, standing by his side through the highs and lows. Despite the fame and success that surround their lives, Dorothea prefers to maintain a private life, away from the spotlight. She is known for her philanthropic efforts and actively contributes to various charitable causes alongside Jon Bon Jovi. Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi have built a loving family together and continue to be an inspiring example of a successful and enduring relationship in the entertainment industry.

Name Dorothea Hurley (Dorothea Bongiovi)
occupation Philanthropist
Country United States
Age 61
Birthday 29.09.1962