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Brothers Osborne Brothers Osborne
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Brothers Osborne net worth

$ 99.6K - $ 598K

Brothers Osborne income

$ 832
last 7 days
Estimated earnings
$ 3.28K
last 30 days
$ 14.4K
last 90 days

Brothers Osborne biography

Brothers Osborne is an American country music duo consisting of T.J. Osborne (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and John Osborne (lead guitar, background vocals). Their musical style takes influence from Southern rock, outlaw country, and neotraditional country, with particular emphasis on the styles of T.J.'s lead vocals and John's guitar playing. The duo signed a recording contract with Capitol Records Nashville and began releasing music the following year, releasing their first single "Rum (song)," which received critical acclaim, as well as "Stay a Little Longer (Brothers Osborne song)," which became a top five hit, and "Shoot Me Straight (song)" (2018), which reached the number two spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Along with their own songwriting, their musical success is credited to producer Jay Joyce, who had produced all of their music.

Brothers Osborne estimated earnings by months

MonthEstimated earnings
October 2022$ 414
September 2022$ 2.45K
August 2022$ 4.28K
July 2022$ 4.63K
June 2022$ 4.22K
May 2022$ 3.21K
April 2022$ 3.38K
March 2022$ 4.02K
February 2022$ 1.21K
January 2022$ 1.1K
December 2021$ 3.31K
November 2021$ 2.77K
October 2021$ 4.91K
September 2021$ 3.61K
August 2021$ 4.55K
July 2021$ 3.89K
June 2021$ 3.57K
May 2021$ 4.17K
April 2021$ 3.81K
March 2021$ 2.97K
February 2021$ 8
January 2021$ 3
October 2020$ 22

Brothers Osborne Frequently Asked Questions

How many videos does Brothers Osborne have?

Brothers Osborne uploaded 42 videos on youtube.

How many subs does Brothers Osborne have?

Brothers Osborne has 269,000 subscribers.

What is net worth of Brothers Osborne?

$ 322K is approximately net worth of Brothers Osborne.

How much does Brothers Osborne make per 1000 views?

Brothers Osborne makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

How much Brothers Osborne makes per month?

Income of Brothers Osborne is $ 3.28K.

When Brothers Osborne uploaded first video?

Brothers Osborne has youtube channel since 2012-08-15.

How many video views does Brothers Osborne have?

Brothers Osborne has 265,644,443 video views on youtube.