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Chad Wild Clay Youtube channel statistics

Chad Wild Clay
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Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 6.94K - $ 41.6K
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last 7 days
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Date Video views Estimated earnings
07.04.2024 Sun +2,283,438 $ 856 - $ 5.14K
03.04.2024 Wed +4,069,549 $ 1.53K - $ 9.16K
30.03.2024 Sat +2,788,777 $ 1.05K - $ 6.27K
25.03.2024 Mon +4,120,193 $ 1.55K - $ 9.27K
21.03.2024 Thu +1,864,723 $ 699 - $ 4.2K
18.03.2024 Mon +3,369,817 $ 1.26K - $ 7.58K
14.03.2024 Thu +3,639,157 $ 1.36K - $ 8.19K
10.03.2024 Sun +2,132,295 $ 799 - $ 4.8K
07.03.2024 Thu +3,233,479 $ 1.21K - $ 7.28K
04.03.2024 Mon +2,018,389 $ 756 - $ 4.54K
29.02.2024 Thu +1,727,885 $ 647 - $ 3.89K
26.02.2024 Mon +2,721,658 $ 1.02K - $ 6.12K
23.02.2024 Fri +31,252,054 $ 11.7K - $ 70.3K
14.02.2024 Wed +3,166,762 $ 1.19K - $ 7.13K

Chad Wild Clay biography

Chad Wild Clay is a well-known YouTuber, famous for his videos on stealth and intelligence-gathering gadget reviews, experiments, and videos on his channel. He incorporates advanced gadgets like night vision goggles, spy cameras, and other tools to film his intense videos. Chad Wild Clay or otherwise called CWC created his channel back on March 4th, in the year 2009, which focused on fun challenges and youth-friendly entertainment. However, as the channel's fame grew, it started an assortment of subjects, including unboxing, investigating, and testing toys, uncommonly intense stunt action, and suspenseful, exciting content with spy themes and complex storylines.

Chad Wild Clay controversies

One of the most controversial moments in Chad Wild Clay's YouTube career occurred during the infamous 'Project Zorgo' incident. He was criticized by many for the promotional video declaring that the anonymous person or group 'Project Zorgo' was hacking YouTube, and several creators were at risk. The video received over seven million views, drawing widespread attention. However, people quickly found that it was all a publicity stunt. Many felt that Chad had crossed the line with his hoax, and others thought it was just harmless fun.

Chad Wild Clay famous quotes

"Stay excellent, spy Ninjas!"
"Let's go see what's inside this thing!"
"That's just like a hacker to skip over a red light!"
"Hacked, Hacked, Alert, alert!!"
"Project Zorgo is targeting all youtubers!"
"Wiggle it a little bit!"
"Smash that like button"
"It's time to go undercover"
"Oh yeah, yeah, that's the episode is ending soon, but before it does, please subscribe if you're new."
"Once a spy ninja, always a spy ninja!"

Chad Wild Clay partner

Vy Qwaint is Chad Wild Clay's spouse and also a famous YouTuber with over fifteen million subscribers. She was born in Vietnam but was raised in Minnesota and her YouTube channel initially focused on fashion and beauty content. After meeting Chad and joining his channel full-time, she started featuring in the channels' spy videos. Vy is also a martial artist, and her skills come in handy in the spy-themed videos, where she often participates in action scenes. She has worked with several other YouTubers, including Carter Sharer and Matt Slays.

Name Vy Qwaint (Vy Qwaint)
occupation YouTuber, Social Media Personality
Country Viet Nam
Age 38
Birthday 03.01.1986
Social links Vy Qwaint tiktok
Vy Qwaint twitter
Vy Qwaint facebook
Vy Qwaint instagram