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CNN Brasil
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14.04.2024 Sun +8,889,956 $ 3.33K - $ 20K
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16.03.2024 Sat +5,004,430 $ 1.88K - $ 11.3K
13.03.2024 Wed +8,040,148 $ 3.02K - $ 18.1K
09.03.2024 Sat +5,760,516 $ 2.16K - $ 13K
05.03.2024 Tue +5,516,768 $ 2.07K - $ 12.4K
02.03.2024 Sat +5,844,737 $ 2.19K - $ 13.2K
28.02.2024 Wed +8,926,503 $ 3.35K - $ 20.1K
25.02.2024 Sun +7,182,533 $ 2.69K - $ 16.2K

CNN Brasil biography

CNN Brasil is a Brazilian news television channel launched in March 2020 as a subsidiary of WarnerMedia. It is the Brazilian version of the American news channel CNN and operates under a licensing agreement between CNN International Commercial and the Brazilian media company, Grupo Novus. CNN Brasil aims to provide viewers with comprehensive and impartial news coverage, focusing on politics, economics, sports, and entertainment. The channel has a team of experienced journalists and reporters who deliver news and analysis round the clock. With cutting-edge technology and a strong editorial team, CNN Brasil has quickly established itself as one of the leading news channels in Brazil.

CNN Brasil controversies

As a prominent news channel, CNN Brasil has faced some controversies since its launch. One notable controversy was related to the channel's coverage of the 2020 Brazilian municipal elections. Critics accused CNN Brasil of biased reporting and favoring certain political candidates during the election campaigns. However, the channel has maintained that it follows strict journalistic standards and aims to provide fair and balanced coverage of all political parties and candidates. Another controversy surrounded a particular anchor's comments on social media, where he expressed personal opinions that were deemed offensive by some viewers. CNN Brasil took swift action by suspending the anchor and publicly apologizing for the incident, reaffirming its commitment to impartial reporting and responsible journalism.

CNN Brasil famous quotes

The news that matters, in real-time.
Uncovering the truth, one story at a time.
Bringing you the latest from Brazil and around the world.
Stay informed with CNN Brasil.
Authentic, unbiased news reporting since day one.
Our commitment is to deliver the facts, always.
Trust CNN Brasil for reliable news coverage.
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Bringing you closer to the stories that shape our world.
Where news comes first.