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Daily Dose Of Internet Jason Chin
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Daily Dose Of Internet Youtube channel statistics

Daily Dose Of Internet
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Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 109K - $ 654K
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last 7 days
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11.06.2024 Tue +60,192,556 $ 22.6K - $ 135K
07.06.2024 Fri +38,225,168 $ 14.3K - $ 86K
05.06.2024 Wed +38,681,766 $ 14.5K - $ 87K
01.06.2024 Sat +56,716,490 $ 21.3K - $ 128K
27.05.2024 Mon +57,549,406 $ 21.6K - $ 129K
22.05.2024 Wed +39,298,847 $ 14.7K - $ 88.4K
18.05.2024 Sat +45,074,363 $ 16.9K - $ 101K
13.05.2024 Mon +144,425,317 $ 54.2K - $ 325K
03.05.2024 Fri +43,827,668 $ 16.4K - $ 98.6K
28.04.2024 Sun +37,489,127 $ 14.1K - $ 84.4K
24.04.2024 Wed +35,097,057 $ 13.2K - $ 79K
20.04.2024 Sat +36,331,608 $ 13.6K - $ 81.7K
16.04.2024 Tue +47,218,399 $ 17.7K - $ 106K
12.04.2024 Fri +50,431,995 $ 18.9K - $ 113K

Daily Dose Of Internet biography

Daily Dose of Internet is a YouTube channel that is run by Jason Chin who is a content creator that curates and publishes daily videos which showcase the internet's best and most intriguing content. The videos are a collection of viral videos, memes, scientific discoveries, historical facts, and other fascinating content that is sure to grab your attention and keep you hooked until the end of the video. The channel has over 15 million subscribers and has amassed over 6 billion views since it was launched in 2014.

Daily Dose Of Internet controversies

There aren't many controversies surrounding Daily Dose of Internet, but the channel has been criticized for not giving attribution to the creators of the videos that are used in the compilation videos. Many creators feel that their content is being used without permission or without being compensated for it. However, Jason Chin has responded to these criticisms by stating that he always tries to credit the original creators of the videos that he uses and that he has had permission from many creators to use their content.

Daily Dose Of Internet famous quotes

"Welcome to your Daily Dose of Internet!"
"The internet has some really cool stuff, and I'm here to show it to you."
"I hope you're having a great day, because I have some really cool stuff to show you."
"Let's get started!"
"This is amazing!"
"If you like this video, make sure you hit that subscribe button!"
"That's all for now, guys. See you in the next video!"
"It doesn't get any better than this!"
"I can't believe what I'm seeing right now!"
"Wow, just wow!"

Daily Dose Of Internet partner

Candice Noelle is the wife of Jason Chin, the creator of Daily Dose of Internet. The couple got married in 2014 and have been together ever since. Candice is a registered nurse and has been working as a nurse since 2013. She is also Jason's manager and helps to oversee the business aspects of Daily Dose of Internet. Candice is a private person and doesn't have much of a public presence online, but she is supportive of her husband's work and often appears in his videos.

Name Candice (Candice Noelle)
occupation Registered Nurse, Manager
Country United States
Age 32
Birthday 21.11.1991