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Kripparrian Kripparrian
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Kripparrian net worth

$ 396K - $ 2.37M

Kripparrian income

$ 961
last 7 days
Estimated earnings
$ 4.06K
last 30 days
$ 12.4K
last 90 days

Kripparrian biography

Octavian Morosan (born June 30, 1987) better known by his online username Kripparrian, is a Romanian-Canadians Twitch (service) video game live streaming, YouTuber and video game personality. He is known for his achievements on Diablo III, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, winning the "Favorite Hearthstone Stream" and Most "Engaged" Viewers categories at the Blizzard Entertainment Stream Awards in 2014 and coming second in the "Highest Stream View Average" category at the same year.

Kripparrian estimated earnings by months

MonthEstimated earnings
March 2023$ 3.28K
February 2023$ 3.74K
January 2023$ 3.77K
December 2022$ 3.81K
November 2022$ 3.68K
October 2022$ 3.92K
September 2022$ 2.8K
August 2022$ 3.84K
July 2022$ 4.28K
June 2022$ 3.65K
May 2022$ 3.9K
April 2022$ 3.14K
March 2022$ 3.86K
February 2022$ 3.67K
December 2021$ 2.67K
November 2021$ 5.47K
October 2021$ 4.94K
September 2021$ 6.32K
August 2021$ 6.83K
July 2021$ 2.12K
June 2021$ 4.29K
May 2021$ 7.51K
April 2021$ 1.57K

Kripparrian Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kripparrian's real name?

Birth name of Kripparrian is Octavian Morosan.

How much does Kripparrian make per 1000 views?

Kripparrian makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

What is Kripparrian's hometown?

Kripparrian was born in Suceava, Romania.

How many videos does Kripparrian have?

Kripparrian uploaded 6,220 videos on youtube.

What is Kripparrian's Occupation?

Kripparrian is Professional Gamer, Twitch Streamer, YouTuber.

What is the monthly income of Kripparrian?

Income of Kripparrian is $ 4.06K.

How many video views does Kripparrian have?

Kripparrian has 1,055,286,019 video views on youtube.

What is Kripparrian's net worth?

$ 1.28M is approximately net worth of Kripparrian.

How many subscribers does Kripparrian have?

Kripparrian has 893,000 subs.

When Kripparrian started youtube?

Kripparrian started youtube in 2009-06-07.