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Liza Koshy Elizabeth Shaila Koshy
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Actress, Comedian, YouTuber
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Liza Koshy Youtube channel statistics

Liza Koshy
Video views
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Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 176 - $ 1.06K
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last 7 days
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last 90 days
Date Video views Estimated earnings
11.06.2024 Tue +67,701 $ 25 - $ 152
08.06.2024 Sat +86,323 $ 32 - $ 194
05.06.2024 Wed +72,015 $ 27 - $ 162
02.06.2024 Sun +128,622 $ 48 - $ 289
28.05.2024 Tue +115,640 $ 43 - $ 260
23.05.2024 Thu +106,211 $ 39 - $ 238
18.05.2024 Sat +346,622 $ 129 - $ 779
13.05.2024 Mon +482,906 $ 181 - $ 1.09K
03.05.2024 Fri +107,395 $ 40 - $ 241
28.04.2024 Sun +92,129 $ 34 - $ 207
24.04.2024 Wed +97,915 $ 36 - $ 220
20.04.2024 Sat +87,161 $ 32 - $ 196
16.04.2024 Tue +78,287 $ 29 - $ 176
13.04.2024 Sat +116,843 $ 43 - $ 262

Liza Koshy biography

Liza Koshy is a popular American actress, comedian, and YouTuber. She gained fame through her comedic videos on Vine, where she quickly became one of the most followed personalities. After Vine shut down, Liza transitioned to YouTube and continued to create entertaining content for her millions of subscribers. Her unique sense of humor, witty sketches, and relatable content have earned her a massive fan base. Apart from her online presence, Liza has also ventured into traditional media. She has appeared in movies like 'Boo! A Madea Halloween' and its sequel, as well as the Hulu series 'Freakish'. Liza's comedic talent and charismatic personality have made her a sought-after entertainer in both the digital and traditional entertainment industry. Liza Koshy's YouTube channel is known for its diverse content, including vlogs, comedy skits, challenge videos, and collaborations with other popular YouTubers. Her channel has amassed millions of subscribers and billions of views, making her one of the most influential creators on the platform.

Liza Koshy controversies

Throughout her career, Liza Koshy has managed to maintain a relatively controversy-free image. She is known for her positive and light-hearted content, avoiding controversial topics and sensitive issues. Liza strives to create content that is inclusive, relatable, and enjoyable for viewers of all backgrounds. Her commitment to spreading laughter and positivity has contributed to her immense popularity and loyal fan base.

Liza Koshy famous quotes

I'm a professional tryer, so why not try YouTube?
I feel like people connect with authenticity.
Like, there's nothing like performing live.
I've always been interested in being an entertainer.
I grew up with a sense of humor.
The beauty of YouTube is that it's truly an entertainment democracy.
I'm grateful to be alive every single day.
I'm an adrenaline junkie.
Everything starts as a dumb idea.
It doesn't matter how old you look or what size you are.

Liza Koshy partner

David Dobrik is a well-known internet personality, actor, and YouTuber. He was born on July 23, 1996, in Slovakia and later moved to the United States. David gained immense popularity through his comedic vlogs and pranks on YouTube. His fast-paced editing style, humorous skits, and celebrity collaborations have contributed to his widespread fame. David Dobrik's YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and billions of views. He is known for his generosity and philanthropy, often surprising his friends and fans with expensive gifts and life-changing opportunities. Additionally, David has ventured into acting, appearing in movies like 'Airplane Mode' and the TV series 'The Honest Show'. David Dobrik's charismatic personality, entertaining content, and genuine interactions with his friends and fans have made him one of the most beloved YouTubers and social media personalities.

Name David Dobrik (David Julian Dobrik)
occupation Actor, YouTuber
Country United States
Age 27
Birthday 23.07.1996
Social links David Dobrik tiktok
David Dobrik twitter
David Dobrik facebook
David Dobrik instagram