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Netflix Jr. Netflix Jr.
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Netflix Jr. Youtube channel statistics

Netflix Jr.
Video views
Video count
Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 93.3K - $ 560K
last 7 days
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last 7 days
Video views
last 30 days
last 90 days
Date Video views Estimated earnings
09.06.2024 Sun +25,346,493 $ 9.5K - $ 57K
06.06.2024 Thu +27,837,579 $ 10.4K - $ 62.6K
04.06.2024 Tue +36,766,811 $ 13.8K - $ 82.7K
30.05.2024 Thu +53,801,441 $ 20.2K - $ 121K
25.05.2024 Sat +64,770,690 $ 24.3K - $ 146K
20.05.2024 Mon +40,193,382 $ 15.1K - $ 90.4K
15.05.2024 Wed +68,673,852 $ 25.8K - $ 155K
06.05.2024 Mon +30,861,650 $ 11.6K - $ 69.4K
30.04.2024 Tue +17,500,831 $ 6.56K - $ 39.4K
26.04.2024 Fri +21,994,161 $ 8.25K - $ 49.5K
22.04.2024 Mon +22,872,135 $ 8.58K - $ 51.5K
18.04.2024 Thu +19,786,604 $ 7.42K - $ 44.5K
14.04.2024 Sun +22,140,567 $ 8.3K - $ 49.8K
10.04.2024 Wed +28,758,325 $ 10.8K - $ 64.7K

Netflix Jr. biography

Netflix Jr. is a popular YouTube channel aimed at children. It features a variety of entertaining and educational content that helps kids learn while they have fun. The channel offers a wide range of videos, including animated stories, nursery rhymes, educational songs, and more. With colorful visuals and engaging characters, Netflix Jr. aims to create an immersive and interactive learning experience for young viewers. The channel has gained a large following and continues to produce high-quality content that entertains and educates children around the world.

Netflix Jr. controversies

Netflix Jr. has faced some controversies in the past. One of the main concerns raised by parents and critics is the amount of screen time children are exposed to through the channel's videos. Some argue that excessive screen time can have negative effects on children's development and well-being. However, Netflix Jr. has taken steps to address these concerns by promoting moderation and providing content that is both entertaining and educational. The channel also encourages parents to engage in co-viewing with their children, fostering a balanced approach to screen time and ensuring a positive viewing experience.

Netflix Jr. famous quotes

Learn while you laugh!
Imagination knows no bounds!
Join us on this educational adventure!
Discover a world of fun and learning!
Let's explore, create, and play!
Education is the key to a bright future!
Unlock your potential through knowledge!
Grow, learn, and dream!
Every day is a new opportunity to explore!
Let's make learning an exciting journey!
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